Fictional Memoirs Gets a Facelift

 As always it’s a work in progress, but take a few to see the changes and some great new work!



12 x 15 inches(original) – $600.
27W x 35H inches- $800 print (series of 1)through James Oliver Gallery.


$1300.00. 34H x 55W inches print mounted on gator board.
$700.00 original.
Available through James Oliver Gallery

$900. 35W x 53H inches print mounted on 3/16 inch gator board available through James Oliver Gallery.
$700. Original 12x 16.5 inches.
Prints (series of 4) $85.

    Gallery Talk with Jayne Surrena


             James Oliver Gallery

         Wednesday, December 4th

                       6:30 – 8p

          Free & Open to the Public

        723 Chestnut St. 4th Floor                             Philadelphia ,PA 19106

  Complimentary Wine will be Served

(via Tanning15.66 x 22- $550. print available & on display at James Oliver Gallery.



By Philadelphia based artist: Jayne Surrena

Medium: Assemblage on Paper

"The series is a collection of satirical snapshots focusing on Americana. The assemblages on paper look at society filled with vice, quirks and everyday interactions and searches to find the Achilles heal and to tickle it just a bit. It has been said that a true satirist uses wit and humor as a way to inspire. The viewer is to look at an image and see a familiar scene or spark a memory then see these stories are universal ones."


You were always a stray and grating
Stiff-necked lot, I am sure of it; graceless,
And nothing loose about your hands.

Great ones at vanishing, some all the time,
Bearing little but grudges; though some
Relieved by violence; each one lost in the end

Without maps, in the niggard unlovely
Waste he had found for himself, sick of it,
Wondering where else there was to go.

W. S. Merwin, “Nothing New”
Art Credit Jayne Surrena

Jayne Surrena.